Holmes Beach Woman Dies in Accidental Shooting


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By Merab-Michal Favorite

Islander Reporter

A Holmes Beach woman died after she shot herself in the chest June 6 while cleaning a revolver.

Janice Louise Kartzert, 65, was found dead insider her home in the 300 block of 60th Street around 12:45 p.m., according to the report from the Holmes Beach Police Department.

Kartzert’s neighbor called 911 after he reportedly looked in her window and noticed her body slumped over in a chair and blood on her chest, the report said.

The neighbor said he became curious when Kartzert did not come to the door as she normally does every morning.

According to the neighbor, Kartzert gives his dog a treat if he comes to her back door on their morning walks.

A team of emergency medical responders arrived at Katzert’s home at 12:28, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

An HBPD officer noticed a silver revolver on the table next to a cleaning kit and towel, the report said.

Holms Beach Police Chief Bill Tokajer said officers initially thought Kartzert died as the result of a suicide, however, after they analyzed the crime scene, they determined Kartzert had been cleaning her gun when it accidentally fired.

Locals knew Kartzert as “Scooter Jan,” because of her distinct yellow motor scooter she used to navigate the island.

On Sunday mornings, Kartzert’s scooter was usually parked outside D’Coy Ducks, 5410 Marina Drive, Holmes Beach, where she often played cribbage.

“She was a very caring and giving person,” said Rhonda Gula, a bartender at D’Coy’s. “She had a huge heart and she would go out of her way for anyone.”

Gula said Kartzert loved to splurge on her friends on their birthdays.

“She’d get them pizza or order them a round,” Gula said. “She loved spoiling people on their name day.”

“She was a wonderful person and she will be missed,” Gula added.

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